Wednesday, May 26, 2010


My sewing machine pooped out on me Monday night, just as I was sewing the very first seam on this. Called three repair places and, rightfully so of course, they charge a diagnostic fee...of $75. Ouch! The machine was only $150 to begin with (12+ years ago). Luckily, I have a nice mommy, who hates the Singer she bought last year and used all of 5 times. She's coming for a visit in a couple of weeks and will give it to me on long-term loan. Lucky me!

So in the interim, I will be scouring the home building sites near me and will beg for scrap wood. You can expect to see some wood crafts in the near future. And as soon as this guy comes in the mail, you can see crafts with him. Happy (early) birthday to me!

Also, we spent an inordinate amount of time at Home Depot last night picking up our new living room and dining room flooring. Installers are supposed to come on Friday. *please, please, please* Cannot wait to get rid of the ugly, dirty, builder grade carpeting. :)

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