Saturday, May 22, 2010

Extend Your Winter Wardrobe

How many shirts do you or your kids have that are the layered look?

I went through my daughter's clothes this morning...swapping out winter for spring/summer. As I was getting a donation bag ready, I got a bit irritated that I was getting rid of things that she had only worn a handful of times, but that still fit her. I started looking at some of the shirts that she had and wondered if I could cut off the sleeves to get some additional wear out of them. Sewing with knit is not my thing, though. I know it's user error, but whenever I sew with knit, it stretches out my fabric and looks terrible. So sewing was out for me on this one! She did have a number of layered-look shirts, though, so I went after those with a pair of scissors. Now she has additional shirts in her wardrobe for spring & summer!

Here are the "leftover" sleeves. If your sewing machine doesn't hate knit, you can totally turn these into baby leg warmers in less than 10 minutes. Snip a little off the top to make them straight across, fold down for a hem and sew a straight seam. Easy peasy! :)

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