Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another one...

This is technically my third camera strap cover in as many days. Even with the piecing (is that the right wording?), it's going relatively fast. This one actually took me 90 minutes to make, but it's because I skipped right over the "fold in and stitch the ends part" and had to rip out a few inches of the side stitches to go back and do that. Live and learn...and keep the pattern in front of you for reference. :)

So my friend used these cute Heather Bailey fabrics for her diaper bag. She sent me some fabric to make her a matching crayon roll (and I threw in a key fob out of them too). So now she has a matching camera strap cover. I hope she isn't tired of the fabrics...

You'll have to excuse the poor picture quality. I had no natural light (that happens at 10pm, you know).

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