Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baby Bunting

Funny update: I apparently have issues with my hearing. Took this bunting to the baby shower, only to find out that the baby's name is JACK, not Jake. Ack! Another bunting will be on it's way to the parents-to-be soon. Anyone need a navy & maroon bunting with "Jake" on it? LOL

One of my nieces is due to have her first baby next month. Today is the shower, so I wanted to make something personal for the baby. I decided to go with the ever-present-in-the-blog-community-BUNTING. It was ridiculously easy and took me one hour to make.

This project could have been about half the time, but I did a couple of things differently than some I have seen. I wanted the buntings to have a little weight to them and lay fairly flat, so they are two layers of fabric sewn together. You can use just one layer of fabric if you want it to be more flow-y. That would definitely cut down on the amount of time it takes to make the project. I also made my own bias tape, as opposed to buying pre-made. I wanted it to match the color of the letters. If you make your bunting just one layer and use a pre-made bias tape, you could easily knock this project out in 30 minutes or less (depending on how many letters are in the name, of course!). This four-letter name could have been done in about 20 minutes with no problem had I done it that way. That's WAY less time than it takes to go to the store and buy a gift!

I do have one significant "lessons learned" from this project. If using a light colored bias tape with dark colored buntings, it would be a good practice to use a light-weight interfacing when making the bias tape. I found that the top edge of the buntings can be seen through at the very top of the bias tape.

Hope the mom-to-be likes her gift!

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