Sunday, September 26, 2010


Now that I have the majority of my craft show items complete, I can work on fun stuff again. :) I'm glad to get craft show goodies wrapped up (mostly...just working on new things here and there), so that I can work on decor for one of my favorite holidays...Halloween! This wreath is a blatant rip-off of this one. I love me some glitter, though, so I changed it up just a smidge. My wreath isn't as full as hers, though. I wound up only using about 1/2 yard of black burlap.

Funny Update: I just opened the front door and discovered that my carefully crafted wreath was on the ground. Apparently, even with today's "cool front," it's still too hot for a wreath whose ribbon hanger is held on with hot glue. Or maybe the craft gods are telling me you shouldn't hang up a Halloween wreath before October. Hmmm. The wreath is currently in hospice waiting for the kids to go to bed, at which point it will be repaired and then take up residence somewhere in the entry hall. :)

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